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Lich King Kill Videos (10-man)

On our 1st 10-man kill we got them recorded, epic nerdy yelling at the end of video #2:

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Hail to the Kingslayers!

Doing a pause on the bosses strategies another important announcement here:


Gratz to my 10-man group that made this possible, after only 15 attempts in 2 weeks overall (2nd attempt on last night) we manage to control the adds on this fights and the defiles. Although we have some experience also in 25 man. We got this 3rd on alliance side on our server, i hope that the 2 other groups in my guild can get this also soon! Continue reading

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Icecrown Citadel: Lord Marrowgar

After you have passed some annoying, but yet refreshing trash (not like the fast-loot pinata aka ToC), you will face to face with this giant skeleton called Lord Marrowgar.

This fight can be tricky on the start due to some spike damage on 1-3 targets, requires some movement around and a phase with moderate raid damage. But once you get the hang of the incomming damage  and positioning then its a cake.
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The Basics – Part 2: The Talents

So now that you have already mastered all your spells by reading this, its time to get into the bread-and-butter of the paladin class that makes us truly unique: The talents. My build is 51/20/0 check it out and i suggest to try it. Also a good source can be found in here.

Along the forums and internet blogs you will find different builds and discussions about them, but the only one that can tell you which talents are good is, at the end, yourself. This is a process of trial and error (in my case tooked me a lot of horrors *er i mean* errors). Here is what i think about each of the talents. Continue reading

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Sindragosa Down! (You are next Arthas)

I am still writting some drafts about the basics, doing a pause to them to bring you this:

Two fights where your healers shine!

Two epic encounters in 25 man, finally your healers get the credit they deserve. On Dreamwalker by actually healing her and on Singragosa keeping alive the trigger-happy dps when they have 5+ stacks of Mystic Buffet and Unchained Magic at the same time, while dealing with the AoE frost dmg, tank damage, frost breaths and dropping their own stacks (phew). I will go into more details of the fights on my ICC per fight walkthrough. Continue reading

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The Basics – Part 1: Spells

Well, for starters i spec/glyph and gear for, what i believe, will bring higher raid utility and performance. You may agree/disagree with my choices and i am open to any suggestions. 

That being said lets start with some knowledge of the class, i assume that mostly have leveled as any spec but Holy (cause that would be really slow) and you need to get used to the tools you have to offer around. Continue reading

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Further Introductions

Have played World of Warcraft a little before Burning Crusade came out, started casual but as soon i entered Karazhan i knew raiding was for me, after progressing through content and guilds eventually landed on a hard-core raiding in my old Server Nathrezim, guild was named Stack and Die (lol).

After a few months with them we cleared all BC content incluiding Sunwell with server firsts. During Wrath the guild decided to move to another server but i choose to stay due to having RL friends playing there. Continue reading

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Hi there! This is intended to give my point of view about World of Warcraft, in this game i play a raiding PvE Holy Paladin Arkhen, and sometimes i do mess around with my shaman Nebadon.

A little more of this, I play on a PvP Server Korgath in a progression-minded guild called The Backseat.

I´ll try to give some insights on my class/spec and the advancement into Icecrown Citadel, enjoy!

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